Wow! English - A big Subject!

Grade 5 students will complete a Novel Study project! Novel studies are an excellent way to have students think critically about all aspects of the story. We will be looking at various things such as plot, setting, and characters. Students will be asked to predict, infer and provide opinions on the text. This will be very exciting and will require much attention to detail. I anticipate there will be a lot of partner work as well as large group discussions. Reading of the novel will be done in class in a large group setting.
In addition to our Novel Study, students will be working on grammar, conventions and spelling. The spelling program - Words Their Way - requires a lot of hands on learning, and therefore do not be alarmed, but your child will not be required to bring spelling work home to study. If this changes in any way, I will be sure to let you know! Spelling tests will be held every Day 6 of each cycle.

We will also be doing units on poetry, and media literacy. It should all be very interesting!